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South East Gurupurnima in Atlanta

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Welcome to Dadabhagwan Gurupurnima 2011


Jai Satchitanand 


It is with great pleasure and much awaited enthusiasm to serve you all with which the Mahatmas of South Eastern USA extend a Warm Welcome to ALL - You, your family and friends all over the world are heartily invited to attend Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s 2011 Guru Purnima Celebration Event being held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in the enlightened presence of Param Pujya Deepakbhai Desai. 

An occasion not to be missed, as it is one of the 3 most auspicious days Dadashri has specified for mahatmas to do Darshan of the Gnani Purush – the 3 days being: Janmajayanti (birthday of the Gnani), Gurupurnima, and the Indian New Year’s Day. These 3 days are of utmost importance for reasons best put by Dadashri himself; 

Dadashri:- “On these days there are no external interactions with anyone and therefore I, the Gnani Purush become one with Dada Bhagwan within and consequently am in an absolute state. You can reap tremendous benefit by doing Darshan of this state and that is why it is very important to do Dada's Darshan on these days.”  

To celebrate Parma Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s 2011 Guru Purnima various events have been organized and they are:-

·         Question and answer format satsang sessions with Pujya Deepakbhai Desai.

·         Various exhibitions and displays featuring the theme:-

·         ‘A Spiritual Journey’

·         Videos shows showcasing unique films such as ‘360˚ Parenting’, ‘The Science of Karma’ and many more.

·         Puppet Shows.

·         Fun Zone for kids – “Children’s World” with exhibits that will appeal to children of all ages!


Important Note: - During and around the Guru Purnima Event dates there is another huge international convention being held in Atlanta. All mahatmas and participants are encouraged to book their travel and accommodation as early as possible. A last minute option will not be available due to the large crowds expected to attend the international convention at the same time. This is especially important to keep in mind when booking Flights in and out of Atlanta and booking hotel accommodation. To avoid any hassles please book well in advance. 


Gnan Vidhi will be held on Sunday, July 10th, Pran-Pratistha will be on Thursday, July 14th and our Gurupurnima celebration will be on Friday, July 15th.


Friday July 8th 2011 to Friday July 15th 2011


Loews Atlanta Hotel
1065 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Georgia, 30309

To celebrate this auspicious occasion the following Main Events have been organized in Atlanta, GA, USA.

            Tentative Program Details: 

July 8th 2011               8:00 pm – 10:00 pm - Special Bhakti Program to Celebrate Pujya Niruma’s Gnan Day 

July 9th 2011                General Satsangs with Pujya Deepakbhai Desai

July 10th 2011              Gnan Vidhi – a scientific process to attain Self Realization

July 11th  - July 14th 2011  - Satsang Shibir (For Mahatma Level Satsangs with Pujya Deepakbhai Desai)  

July 14th 2011             Alaukik Pran Pratishta for Shri Simandhar Swami - Pujya Deepakbhai will perform Bhaav Pran Pratishtha in the murties/idols of Lord Simandhar Swami. (Murties will be on sale. Mahatmas are also encouraged to bring in their murties from home which have not previously gone through the full Bhaav Pran Pratishta Ceremony)  

July 15th 2011              Guru Purnima - Guru Pujan and Darshan. Come and celebrate with us on one of the three most important days of the year, when Dadashri has said he is in an absolute state of oneness with ‘Dada Bhagwan’ within.  Darshan of Dadashri on such a day is like no other – as are the blessings you will receive.  All the strength you need to proceed on the path to Moksha is available from Dada on this day and all you have to do is ask for strenght.

Free Books can be downloaded Here (In English, Hindi, Gujarati)
Three booklets are recommended before receiving Gnan: Who Am I, Pratikraman and Science of Karma. The links for the above 3 books are:-



3. Science of Karma – GUJARATI, HINDI, ENGLISH

To Watch Videos:
Essence of all Religion / Dharm No Marma Part 1 – 9:58 min - Download Here
Essence of all Religion / Dharm No Marma Part 2 – 8:02 min - Download Here
Gnan Ganga Part 1 – 5.31 min - Download Here
Gnan Ganga Part 2 – 5.49 min - Download Here
Gnan Ganga Part 3 – 5.42 min - Download Here
Gnan Ganga Part 4 – 8.20 min - Download Here

Basic Introduction - 2:46 min. - Download Here

Spiritual science of inner intent – Part 1 Click Here

Spiritual science of inner intent – Part 2 Click Here

Who is doer - Part 1 - Click Here 

Who is doer - Part 2 - Click Here

We Welcome You All!


PS: No Cost or No Registration fee and Lunch and Dinner will be served at no cost to you.